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Televiziebi.Com Welcome dear visitors. Georgian live television is a public television broadcasting station that was launched in 1970 offering free to air services to the community of Georgia. This is a state owned station that submits its signals to the entire world its main interest is on delivering news, educative programmes, and making the community learn more about the culture and its values. It also operates two radio stations in the state of Georgia which offer news to the low frequency community. Rustavi 2 this a private owned station that offers free to air channels to the society with the aim of educating them on matters like politics, health matters, education values and culture. This station was established in 1994 in the town of Rustavi which is a state in Georgia. The main aim of this channel was to provide more self unpaid channels to the community that will facilitate communicating of information towards educating the mass, making them understand their political status through some stations that were used to analyze political status of given states in Georgia. Imedi television- This channel was founded in 2001 by a media tycoon called Mr. Badrin Patarkatsishvii who was formerly a business man in Georgia with a strong political background since 1970. Mr Badrin launched this station just like the other station to educate the community but it had some few different elements analyzation of politics this television also offers free music channels. Tabula television this the most amazing channel that was launched in Georgia it offers everything that a station should offer to the community. Some of the programmes that are on offer on this station are technical progress this generally explains about how technology is evolving around the world the major effects. Advantages of various technology systems created, there are also some other programs like science which has facts and some fiction stories in it, history, wildlife, music, comedy among other programmes being offered by this station. Maestro television - This is a general television that was launched on 02 July 1995 this television channel was launched to provide news to the community but it had some of its challenges like the cabling was not all that good which led to the investors bringing up a program called "Maestro in every family" this program was to educate the people on the launch of this new program, what it had to offer back to the society generally this was a marketing strategy for this channel. Comedy channel - this is a channel that was brought up to provide comic programs in the society. This comic programes like any other programmes they used to make people laugh based on funny facts about the universe, creation of people, myths behind specific cultures and also this programmes could also think against human thinking which made it funny. They also provided educational tips to the society just like any other channel that was launched in Georgia. All this were tv channels that were launched in Georgia to help educate the community, help in easy facilitation of news,provide them with analysis on development of the state and political status. Since the launch of this channels communication in Georgia has been enhanced to a higher level. Thank you and enjoy!